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Serbia is located in southeastern Europe, between four seas, all part of the Mediterranean Sea, with beautiful countryside and some of the oldest fortresses and monasteries in the world. Serbian cuisine is truly amazing! With 465 national dishes, it is considered one of the most diverse in the world. According to the UN, Serbia is one of the safest countries to visit. You may go anywhere and be safe, by using common sense. The capital city, Belgrade has been declared the most entertaining city in the world by Lonely Planet It is alive 24/7. People in Serbia are very friendly and are well known for their hospitality. Everyone feels welcome in Serbia. Serbia is becoming one of the hottest destinations for medical tourism in the world, because of its highly skilled medical professionals, including plastic surgeons and dentists, while the cost is many times lower than in the west. Serbia is also well known for its wellness spas with rare healing waters and clean air that are renowned to cure many diseases, unlike anywhere else in the world.

Our agency is offering a full-service experience for those who are interested in obtaining the best possible medical care at a significant cost savings and visiting this beautiful region of Southeastern Europe. We will organize everything for you, starting with your airfare, meeting you at the Belgrade airport, taking you to the hotel which we will book for you, accompanying you to and from the clinic, showing you the city, countryside, and touring the region if you are interested in doing so. For example, if you are coming for a full mouth cosmetic procedure (crowning all of your teeth), you will save a lot of money and tour this beautiful place while your crowns are being made. Or, if you are coming for plastic surgery; afterwards, we will take you to a beautiful wellness spa resort located in the Serbian mountains, to recover in the paradise-like nature and bathe in rare healing waters. We will provide you with top English speaking guides who will assist you from the moment you arrive in Serbia until you leave the country. You will be amazed with Serbia’s hospitality, friendliness, climate, food and nature.

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Dr. Milan Colić

plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery

Dr. Miodrag Colić

plastic surgery, cosmetic

Dr. Miroslav Đorđević

plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery

DR. Radoš Đinović

Reconstructive Surgeon

Dr. Siniša Kojić

Plastic surgery

Dr. Živorad Nikolić

facelifting, cosmetic surgery

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