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Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation utilizes breast implants to give women a more proportional shape and a desired size that complements the rest of her body. Sometimes childbirth, aging or the loss of weight can make you feel self confident about the proportions of your body. Using breast augmentation – sometimes combined with other procedures such as a breast lift – Dr. Tim Love can give you the appearance that fits the ideal image you have for yourself. Experience renewed confidence in how you look in all types of clothing in all seasons!


Breast volume enlargement and shape improvement, with the help of silicone gel implants.

Operative technique

Most frequently used approach is the one under the breast, where the incision is placed in the length of 4 cm, so that it is hidden in the skin fold and completely invisible. Depending on the implant, a space is formed above or under the breast muscle, where the prosthesis will be placed, leaving the mammary gland fully intact. The operative approach can also be through nipples or from the armpit. The latter is used in persons that have almost totally underdeveloped breasts in whom any other incision would be visible.

Dr. Milan Colić

plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery

Dr. Miodrag Colić

plastic surgery, cosmetic

Duration of procedure and anaesthesia

The procedure lasts from 1 to 1,5 hours and is performed in total anaesthesia.


Return to normal activities after several days. The sutures are removed after two weeks. Wearing of bra is recommended.

Rare complications

Transitory nipple sensitivity disorder, mild swelling and sense of tension that withdraw within 1-2 weeks.

Breast enlargement
Breast enlargement