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Dr. Miroslav Đorđević

plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery
Brief info

Djordjevic works in the field of genital reconstructive surgery, and is one of the few in the world to have encompassed treatment of all anomalies of the genital system regardless of gender or age. He is the founder and leader of the Belgrade Center for Genital Reconstructive Surgery. His experience in sex reassignment surgery has resulted in new knowledge of the surgical anatomy of the male and female genitalia.
Djordjevic has published many papers on the surgical treatment of hypospadias, epispadias, Peyronie's disease, adult hypospadias, buried penis, urethral reconstruction, pediatric reconstructive urology, penile enhancement surgery as well as transsexual surgery.
Since 1999, Djordjevic has been a Professor of Surgery, Medical School, at Belgrade University. Since 2013, he has been a member of the Academy of Serbian Medical Association.
Djordjevic has been invited to give lectures on genital reconstructive surgery and sexual medicine at various symposia and meetings around the world.[citation needed]
Serbia has become a centre for sex-change surgery,[4][5] in-part due to the work of Djordjevic, with candidates coming from France, Russia, Iran, India,[6] the United States, South Africa, Singapore and Australia.[7]

Djordjevic has said that some people regret having undergone the procedure and want to detransition. He says this is particularly so for transgender women over

Dr. Miroslav Djordjevic