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Dr. Siniša Kojić

Plastic surgery
Brief info

Plastic surgery is one of the youngest surgical disciplines, but it is also the most creative surgical branch and as such has gained great popularity in the last decades .

Dr. Sinisa Kojic was born in 1963 in Sarajevo. He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Sarajevo with an average grade of 8.74. He passed the Specialist exam in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in 1993 at the Belgrade Military Academy with great success.
In 1996, at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Belgrade, he defended the master’s thesis on the topic “Free-microvascular lobe in the reconstruction of war defects of extremities” Mentori Prof Dr Sci Dragoje Starović and Prof Dr Boriša Starović
In 2005, at the Medical Faculty in Belgrade, he defended his doctoral thesis titled “The Importance of Neurokutal Lips in the Reconstruction of the Leg and Foot”, Mentor Prof Dr Sci Božina Radević
He started his career in UMC Sarajevo, and today he owns the Clinic for plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery “Varis” in Belgrade. He is a lecturer at the Surgery at the Faculty of Medicine in Foca.